Leave No Troops Behind!

Few events have divided people's opinions as much as the invasion and subsequent military actions by American and British military personnel in Iraq. I believe that the people of the USA were more enthusiastic about the whole enterprise at first and who can blame them, the wounds of 9/11 were still raw but many are now asking themselves: "Did we attack the right target? Was Saddam such a threat to us after all?" Here in the UK it seemed as though the only people who supported the invasion were politicians, and many of them did so because they were assured by prime minister 'Tony' Blair that Saddam had missiles and nuclear, chemical or biological weapons that he could use against us very quickly; conveniently weapons inspector David Kelly (quote) committed suicide (end quote) under strange and suspicious circumstances before the lie was exposed. The majority of us in the UK accepted that Saddam was a monster to his own people but, let's be realistic, who sold him the poisonous gas that he used against them in the first place? Who supported him with money and ordinance during his war with Iraq? There are many monsters in the world in positions of power anyway, and if we went out to destroy them all we'd end up with a scorched, lifeless, radioactive planet in no time at all.

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We live in a democracy, or so we are told, but the thoughts of ordinary people even when they are in the majority still don't count for very much when compared to the ambitions of the politically powerful. I've assembled here a few different opinions on the war, ranging from those of powerful politicians right down to the man or woman in the street; they make interesting listening.

Let's start with what I think is the most poignant story of all; that of a mother who's son died in Iraq as a volunteer, fighting for his beliefs and his country.

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